Safely on the road to lower costs together

We are VVCR-Prodrive: road safety specialists. We offer data-driven solutions for companies that want to reduce their fleet costs and contribute to road safety and sustainability in the Netherlands.

Samen veilig onderweg naar lagere kosten

Wij zijn VVCR-Prodrive, verkeersveiligheidspecialisten, en bieden een datagedreven oplossing voor bedrijven die hun wagenparkkosten willen verlagen – én willen bijdragen aan de verkeersveiligheid en verduurzaming van Nederland.

Not a temporary solution, but a continuous and data-driven process

There is no acceptable number of traffic accidents within a company. Because of this, we aim for zero work-related traffic accidents. A safe and sustainable fleet results from having a goal, making a plan and introducing a policy. Unfortunately, road safety is a continuous process, not a one-off decision. We have developed an innovative solution to this: Roadsafety as a Service. Work with us to increase safety and lower costs (TCO).

The target:

0 work-related traffic accidents

We combine people and technology to reduce the number of work-related traffic accidents to zero.

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Roadsafety as a Service

Not a one-off effort, but a continuous process

De basis RaaS
The base

Roadsafety as a Service (RaaS) starts with user training, baseline measurements and an appropriate plan of action. With each new commercial vehicle, we start with the continuous process.

Het continu proces RaaS
The continuous process

This ‘infinite loop’ consists of:
1. Digital video training;
2. Providing insight into risk profiles;
3. Process improvement;
4. Advice from a savings coach.

Het resultaat
The result

With Roadsafety as a Service, we ensure lowered fleet costs, greater sustainability and improved road safety.

Benefits of RAAS


Permanently increases road safety

RaaS is a continuous process with which we can permanently increase the road safety of your drivers.


Reduces costs

Smarter, better and safer driving leads to cost reductions in areas such as insurance, fuel (or electricity), maintenance and repairs.

Waardevolle inzichten

Provides valuable insights

Because RaaS is data-driven, by cleverly interpreting the data from your fleet, we can gain valuable insights and always deliver tailor-made solutions.

Data the key to results

Because RaaS is data-driven, we can determine what is needed (and when) to achieve your desired goals by analysing data collected from your fleet and drivers. For example, a driver can receive a training video, an email with tips or an invitation for a driving training session at exactly the right time. This makes RaaS not only very effective and efficient but also unique.


We analyse your fleet data and use the results to determine which drivers need to be trained.


1-on-1 or digitally: we train drivers with the latest AI learning technologies for a sustainable change in driving behaviour. Influencing and awareness are key here.


We check whether your goals have been achieved and use new data for prediction, improvement or adjustment.

Would you like to work together to improve road safety and lower your costs?


No organisation and fleet are the same, so we ensure that our Roadsafety as a Service solution matches your objective(s), requirements, wishes and company culture. In this way, we always achieve the desired results for our customers. We also offer tailor-made training programs and programs for companies with or without their own coaches. Our solutions are ideally suited for:

Business drivers

Passenger transport

Transport and logistics

Emergency services


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On the way from dream to reality

Did you know that traffic accidents are the number one cause of death in the workplace? We aim to achieve zero work-related traffic accidents and will persevere until we reach that target. We predict risks with data and expertise. We incorporate this knowledge in training, coaching and influencing people to drive more safely. In this way, we predict and prevent traffic accidents and every day we come closer to realising our dream: a world without work-related traffic accidents.

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Fleet management

Integrates with your fleet management system

RaaS can be integrated with the Fleet Management systems below. Is your system not listed? Please contact us.

It starts with a consultation

Would you like to know how we can provide you with improved road safety, more sustainability and lowered insurance, repair and maintenance costs? Then reach out for a telephone consultation with one of our specialists. We promise that this conversation will always provide you with new insights, regardless of if you decide to proceed or not.