We are VVCR-Prodrive Road safety specialists

VVCR-Prodrive has been making traffic safer, more efficient and more sustainable for almost 50 years with driver training, traffic education and progressive solutions such as Roadsafety as a Service (RaaS).

"We combine people and technology to reduce the number of work-related traffic accidents to 0"

Did you know that traffic accidents are the number one cause of death in the workplace? And that every year 19,000 serious road injuries are caused by human error? From 19,000 serious injuries to zero traffic accidents. Sounds ambitious, but think about the number of traffic accidents you find acceptable within your company? Or your family? Exactly, none. We aim for 0 work-related traffic accidents and will persevere until we have reached that target. We predict risks with data and expertise. We incorporate this knowledge in training, coaching and influencing people to drive more safely. In this way, we predict and prevent traffic accidents, and we come closer every day to realising our dream: a world without work-related traffic accidents.

Our Roadsafety as a Service (RaaS) solution always ensures better driving behaviour, resulting in lower costs and increased road safety.

The target:

0 work-related traffic accidents

We combine people and technology to reduce the number of work-related traffic accidents to zero.

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Our core competencies

VVCR Prodrive We denken in oplossingen

We think in solutions

We don’t help our customers by looking back at negative results but instead focus on the future and converting data into positive and pragmatic solutions.

We are pragmatic

We use short sprints of “plan-do-check-act” to quickly learn from our customers and our collected data. By asking each other questions, you can come to a solution that perfectly fits the customer’s business conditions.

VVCR Prodrive startup uit 1972
We geloven in positieve gedragsbeïnvloeding

We believe in positive behavioral influencing

Nobody makes mistakes in traffic on purpose, but with a good plan, you can prevent mistakes and accidents. Positive stimulation of desired behaviour is our starting point.


We make smart use of data and technology, combining them with the indispensable human knowledge of our coaches and trainers. People and technology: one cannot exist without the other. They are complementary, synergetic and provide complete road safety solutions in all respects.

We stellen mens en technologie centraal
We stoppen nooit VVCR Prodrive

We never stop

Infrastructure is changing; mobility is changing; data quality is increasing day by day, and vehicles are getting smarter. Our ambition is to use every technological (r)evolution and get closer to our mission: a world with zero work-related traffic accidents.

VVCR Prodrive Team van specialisten

A team of specialists is ready for you

At VVCR-Prodrive, we work with specialists with the right knowledge and expertise. They are happy to advise you on the options available to increase the road safety of your employees and reduce your fleet costs.

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