Road safety up,
costs down

Rising insurance premiums, increasing costs for fuel or electricity, unexpected maintenance and repair, accidents and reputational damage… VVCR-Prodrive solves these problems with Roadsafety as a Service (RaaS).

Roadsafety as a Service

Not a one-off effort, but a continuous process

De basis RaaS
The base

Roadsafety as a Service (RaaS) starts with user training, baseline measurements and an appropriate plan of action. With each new commercial vehicle, we start with the continuous process.

Het continu proces RaaS
The continuous process

This ‘infinite loop’ consists of:
1. Digital video training;
2. Providing insight into risk profiles;
3. Process improvement;
4. Advice from a savings coach.

Het resultaat
The result

With Roadsafety as a Service, we ensure lowered fleet costs, greater sustainability and improved road safety.

The target:

0 work-related traffic accidents

We combine people and technology to reduce the number of work-related traffic accidents to zero.

0 werkgerelateerde verkeersongevallen
Roadsafety as a Service

The base

We determine which drivers are most at risk and create the highest costs. To map this out, our specialists analyse the vehicle telematics of your fleet. Or, if the cars do not have telematics systems, we use relevant fleet data, such as tire wear, fuel consumption, emissions, and repairs performed. This not only makes it clear which drivers may need additional coaching, but also what types of training the drivers need. Together, we determine a savings targets to achieve in the next 4 years.

Roadsafety as a Service de basis
Roadsafety as a Service

The continuous process

Will one of your drivers be getting a new commercial vehicle? Then, within 2 weeks after delivery, we will provide a 2-hour, 1-on-1 user training for that new vehicle. The driver learns everything about making smart use of ADAS driver assistance systems, making optimal use of EV or hybrid propulsion and making clever use of connectivity options. We also coach in hazard perception and risk awareness.

Digital videotraining

1. Digital Video Training

There are periodic digital microlearning courses for every driver; short and catchy video training courses on a specific topic. We use conversational learning for this, so road safety remains top-of-mind: not a one-off effort, but a continuous process.

2. Making risk profiles transparent

Using collected data, we annually determine the top 25% of your drivers whose driving style leads to higher costs compared to the other 75%. The 25% driver group follows a 2-hour, 1-on-1 safety training aimed at safe and responsible traffic participation.

Management report

3. Process Improvement

Every company and every fleet is different. That is why we are constantly trying to adjust Roadsafety as a Service so that its effect is as great as possible. How can we deploy our Roadsafety marketing even more effectively? And how can we involve even more drivers in the Roadsafety program?

4. Advice from the savings coach

Together with you as a customer, our consultants examine where we are now, what we have achieved and what we need to adjust to achieve our goals. We also advise on matters such as ADAS systems in your fleet, the minimum safety requirements that are set for new vehicles and the risk surcharge of your insurance premium.

Advies van de bespaarcoach
Roadsafety as a Service

The result

Road safety results from setting a goal, making a plan, incorporating new policies and intelligently using data. It is not a one-off effort, but a continuous process. Our Roadsafety as a Service (RaaS) solution always ensures better driving behaviour, resulting in lower costs and increased road safety. In this way, we turn road safety from a cost into a drive for improvement.

What is an acceptable number of traffic accidents in your company? Or your family? Exactly, none. We aim for 0 work-related traffic accidents.

Het resultaat Roadsafety as a service


We know from experience that marketing contributes to the awareness and thus the road safety of your employees. Therefore, this is an important part of RaaS. Make use of marketing resources such as banners, data dashboards or flyers to convey your company’s message. Customisation is also possible here.

Marketing VVCR-Prodrive


Because customisation works, we ensure that our Roadsafety as a Service solution matches your objective(s), requirements and wishes. In this way, we always achieve the desired results. We also offer tailor-made training programmes. Our solutions are perfect for:

Business drivers

Passenger transport

Transport and logistics

Emergency services


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It starts with a consultation

Would you like to know how we can provide you with improved road safety, more sustainability and lowered insurance, repair and maintenance costs? Then reach out for a telephone consultation with one of our specialists. We promise that this conversation will always provide you with new insights, regardless of if you decide to proceed or not.